We repair Alloy wheels from minor scuffs and scrapes to full refurbishments

What we can offer you

Curb damage can either be re-cut using our diamond CNC lathe, primed, painted . Corroded wheels due to the clear lacquer wearing or flaking off. Machine face wheels can then be re-cut, painted and cleared. Regular alloy wheels can be prepped, primed, painted and cleared. Buckled or bent wheels that need straightening. Tyre removal, refit and balancing available on-site. Diamond cut alloys

Diamond cut specialists

We pride ourselves on quality and customer service, giving you the peace of mind feeling that your wheels will be treated with the care they

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Cosmetic repair

The first action is to assess the damage and the suitability for a cosmetic repair ,our highly trained technicians will advise you of the best

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Colouring of alloys

Colour coding involves a complete bare metal strip down, prime, colour. This is finished with a clear-coat lacquer that provides a protective finish We have

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Alloy wheel tinting

We can personalise an alloy wheel’s appearance by tinting it to customer requirements. We are able to colour match to any desired brand colour.

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Sand blasting

Professional sand blasting services for every type of wheel. Sand blasting is a procedure used for cleaning materials with fine sand particles forced through a

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Alloy wheels stripping

Stripping paint from metal wheels and cleaning them inside and out. The dipping process prepares previously painted and rusted surfaces for paint. Chemically stripping or

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The Industry leading process the Smartworld team goes through on receiving your alloy wheels. - All Wheels are individually inspected by hand on arrival - Wheels are blasted to remove final layers of corrosion creating a finish ready for coating - Wheels are welded and repaired where necessary - Wheels are straightened where necessary - Wheels are computer lathed taking the material to original manufacturer’s specification - The wheel is put into the paint shop for colour finishing - When a precise and diamond cut finish is required they are machined on a computer lathe. A wet lacquer is added to the whole wheel and it is oven baked once again. - Final quality control and inspection

Diamond cut specialists

For Diamond Cut Wheels we use the Latest CNC Computerised Diamond Tipped Lathe in our purpose built wheel Facility to re-face the Alloy Wheel and make it look like new. All of our Operatives are fully Trained by the Manufacturer to ensure precise and consistent results. Any damage to the painted segments will be corrected and rough edges removed before the wheel is sealed with 2-part hard lacquer ensuring a strong and durable surface that will remain so for years to come. We have matt, satin and high gloss lacquers to cater for all wheels & personal requirements.

Cosmetic repair

Alloy Wheels that are not Diamond Cut will be hand finished, carefully removing all damage and restoring the profile to look exactly as it should do. Metal fillers and Alloy Welding can be used for any large gouges or missing segments. Following this the wheel is thoroughly cleaned & prepared along with a suitable primer, then using the latest in on-site Computer mixing technology, fully colour matched wet paint is applied to the whole wheel face to ensure complete coverage. The wheel is then sealed with 2-part hard lacquer ensuring a strong and durable surface that will remain so for years to come. We have matt, satin and high gloss lacquers to cater for all wheels.

And Finally

Only after a full Quality Control Inspection will the tyres be re-fitted, the wheels balanced and fitted back to the vehicle with correct torque settings used. With due care and careful cleaning your refurbished Alloy Wheels will look great for many years to come.

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